"Rei" describes the universal, boundless aspect of energy.
"Ki" is the life force energy that is in & around us. Together the two describe "Unity of Spirit Taking Breath". The practice of Reiki was lost for many centuries but Master Mikao Usui of Japan, a Buddhist monk, re-discovered this ancient healing method at the end of the nineteenth century. To become a Reiki channel, all one needs is the desire to learn and use it ethically. Reiki is holistic in effect: it reaches all levels of existence and strives to bring these differing levels into balance. Reiki makes its way to the area of the body in need of treatment. Very receptive people also experience Reiki as love; love is the original home of the soul. However, to practice Reiki, no special kind of faith, religion, or belief is required.

"I made a personal decision to become a Reiki Master and it changed my life in profound ways. It was the foundation that led the way to create the most spiritual life possible for me

Available Instructions

 Reiki I, The student is introduced to a simple meditation technique in order to prepare for the Reiki I initiation.  When the student is ready, there is a
transfer of energy that opens you up to a universal energy we call Reiki (Ray-Key).  You then become a facilitator for channeling healing energy. Hand positions for a table treatment, chair and quick treatment, self treatment, and the Reiki Boost are introduced, as well as the chakra system, visualization, history, sweeping the aura, closing, Reiki Precepts and Principles, and ethics.  It starts a twenty-one day cleansing cycle of the seven major chakras.

Reiki I is experiential, and the results vary from individual to individual. It is an important technique to know, and you will be introduced to Reiki's many applications in daily life, including self treatment.

Reiki II Introduces the symbols that are used for Absentia healing as well as symbols to work with such issues such as past-life, karmic, mental healing, and emotional healing.  You will learn to send Reiki to other places at other times to yourself and others.  The energy transfer further opens you to the Reiki  energy.  Advanced healing techniques are shared.  It also starts a twenty-one day cleansing cycle of the seven major chakras.

Reiki III Completely opens you to the Reiki energy.  It also starts another twenty-one day cleansing cycle of the seven chakras.  You receive the highest attunement in Traditional Reiki as well as instruction and practice in using the symbols in the complete Usui system.  You are also introduced to the water ceremony, Vertical Treatments, 18 Beyond the Usui System Symbols and opens the pathway for full integration of the Reiki energies.

Reiki Master/Teacher and Certification is also available for those who desire to empower others with the complete system of holistic healing and personal development.  The Master/Teacher course is linked with much fulfillment and growth as well as having a special blessing of its own.  You learn to teach the Usui Shiki Ryoho.

The cost of each of the first two classes is $150.00, the third course is $200.00, and the Master Teacher class is $300.00.

Anyone who has not taken Reiki II from us must take the Refresher Course before taking the Master Class. Also recommended is the text, "REIKI: A TORCH IN DAYLIGHT" $14.95 also "REIKI: BEYOND THE USUI SYSTEM" $19.96.